Meet the Team- Tori

TAE wants to introduce our customers to one of our amazing team members, Tori! She is vibrant, funny and always willing to go the extra mile for customers. She is a valued addition to the team. We asked her to share some fun facts about herself so check them out below!

Some fast facts about Tori:

I just gave birth to the best human, Araceli.



I used to think that people in the tv were actually acting out movies so when I saw the movie Selena I was so mad they killed her and I didn’t watch it again until years later when I understood the concept.

I am adopted and if I wasn’t I’d have just 3 brothers and have no girls to save me.



90s R&B speaks to my soul on a spiritual level but I was born at the tail end so it’s weird right?

I graduated at age fourteen.

I know all the words to all three High School Musical movies, the songs and any facts you want to know about them!


My favorite food is Chicken fried rice and mashed potatoes with brown gravy.

My dream Vacation is Greece. I really have no idea why I just like the water when I see pictures and Greek people are cute.


My favorite car is the 1967 black Chevy Impala, why you may ask? Because Supernatural.


My favorite repair service for sure is the 2006+ Lexus IS250 I love the numerous color customizations.


Give us a call today at 262-456-4147 and if Tori answers, make sure to let her know you saw the blog post. Maybe you can even quiz her on her High School Musical trivia!



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