Meet The Team- Jesse


Tanin Auto Electronix is excited to be welcoming Jesse Bock to the TAE Team!

Jesse is our new Outside Sales Rep and comes to Tanin Auto Electronix with a lot of experience in the auto industry. He is also passionate about cars so we (Jen actually, the marketing lead) asked him a few car related questions to get to know him a little bit better. Here is how it went:

1.What is your favorite car in the entire world?

The ’70 Hemi Cuda or a ’41 Willy’s Coupe. But it’s hard to say, because there are so many awesome cars out there.

2.What is your favorite car themed movie of all time?

Gone in 60 seconds, But Cars is pretty close, Who doesn’t love Lightning McQueen?

2.A Sub-Question for you, Jesse. Who is the better driver: Nicholas Cage or Angelina Jolie?

Nick Cage, since he tames Eleanor.


3.If you were a car, which would you be and why?

Probably a mustang. I’ve owned many over the years. And it’s an every Joe type of car, but you can customize it like no other and make it truly unique, and I think everyone is unique in there own way.

4.Are you excited for self driving cars?

No, I hate them. I prefer to be in control and it takes all the fun out of driving.

5.Road trips. Yes or No? If yes, where to?

Road trips are always a yes, And anywhere and everywhere. There is nothing like seeing our beautiful country by driving through it. Top of the list though would be to take Route 66 from Chicago to Cali.

6. One more question, Jesse. Who is your favorite co-worker at TAE?

Well, that’s an easy one. Jen of course. 

That concludes our interview with Jesse Bock, Outside Sales Rep for Tanin Auto Electronix. We know that our customers will enjoy his passion for customer satisfaction and friendly attitude. He always keeps the office laughing and joking around. He can be reached by email at

He also dreams of one day owning an autographed photo of Nicholas Cage and Eleanor, so if anyone has the hook up and can make it happen, let us know!

Tanin Auto Electronix specializes in auto electronic repairs on instrument clusters and climate control units, as well as providing customers with DIY parts and installing upgraded LED lighting for instrument panels and climate control/radio units. Contact us for more information at 262-456-4147 or


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