Meet the Team- Jen


This is Jen- she handles marketing for Tanin Auto Electronix. Here is her story:


Jen has had many adventures as a hitchhiker, mountaineer, and aspiring Buddha. Between meditation and revelry, Jen, who is modeled off of Kerouac himself, has found a steadfast friendship and meaning in the wide and crazy world. Her life really changed during a chance meeting with an old bum while traveling on a freight train in California. Inspired, she called the man a “Dharma Bum” and then began to recount a series of adventures that she has undergone with other such free-spirited people when she came back to work on Monday.

Ok, maybe that isn’t her life exactly, but the paraphrased synopsis of one of her favorite novels, The Dharma Bums, courtesy of

Jen is in fact mildly obsessed with Jack Kerouac. A love affair that began when she was watching an episode of Quantum Leap and the introduction of his mad poetic genius that piqued something inside of her. Her love of adventure, travel, friendships and the written word connected and she felt a kinship to this long departed soul of the open road.


Kerouac’s writings impacted her enough that she was inspired to order customized license plates to pay tribute to the great author and his work. However, she had to abbreviate the caption, thus resulting in people thinking she was a Drama Bum because she realized that if she had abbreviated Bum instead of Dharma, everyone would think she was taking a spiritual poop.

So, this is Jen. She has a family that she adores and adventures with as often as possible. She dreams of one day having work printed, but not in the vein of the late Beat writer. More in the style of Henkes. She wants to publish children’s books that feature her spunky and independent little girl, Mysha.

She also enjoys her co-workers at TAE and makes sure to share laughs with them often, outside of the times they are all actually doing real work. When asked who her favorite person at work is, her response was: Melissa, of course!

Aside from writing, bad humor (totally subjective, she insists) and her love of fun, Jen also really digs cars of all kinds. She has previously owned a 1972 Volkswagen MicroBus and a 1982 Saab, as well as a 1972 Ford LTD. She hasn’t worked on them with her own hands but she does have a healthy respect for anyone who does.

Hit Jen up on the TAE Facebook page or by email at since besides all of her other interests, customer service is a top priority for her.

Tanin Auto Electronix specializes in auto electronic repairs on instrument clusters and climate control units, as well as providing customers with DIY parts and installing upgraded LED lighting for instrument panels and climate control/radio units. Contact us for more information at 262-456-4147 or







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