Father’s Day Deals and Tributes to Dad!

Tanin Auto Electronix has something special for Dad this year! Coupon codes that he can use on services and products from TAE! Going on now through June 30, 2016!


Discount cannot be combined with other offers or discount codes and does not apply to shipping. 10% discount is not valid on Nissan Quest Speedometer LCD screens but we are happy to honor a 5% discount on them using code DAD5!  Codes valid through June 30, 2016.


Now, what goes better with some sweet savings for his car than some special tributes to dads and fatherly figures out there, via our very own Tanin Auto Electronix staff! They all wanted to brag about what made or makes him the best, as well as what car they wish that they could give him for Father’s Day this year!

From Sam: “My dad is always working hard and trying to figure out new ways to get things to work better and if i could get him a car it would be the new ford rangers that will be or already are coming out. He had one when I was younger and he loved it.”

From Alisia: “What I love about my stepdad was that he was always there to help me out no matter what. When I needed a computer for school, he took me out the next day to buy one. He helped me move to the other side of the state twice without asking for anything in return. He came into my life when I was nine years old and has been a selfless person; always putting my brother and I before himself. I love that he makes my mother happy and will do anything to ease her troubles in life. Honestly, knowing him, he doesn’t care what car he has. What he would really be over the top for on Father’s Day would be a new fishing boat.”

Alisia’s mom and step-dad- Cindy and Bob!

From Josh:  “The thing I love the most of my father is that he has given us his best always and that he will do anything for us. If I could I would buy him a Range Rover sport.”

From Jen: ” I lost my dad when I was young, but the thing that I always loved about him was that he loved family time. We boated almost every day and he taught me to fish, ski and to love the outdoors, photography and the water.  If I could buy him any car, I would buy him a black 1985 Chevy IROC-Z since he had one back then. Total 80’s car, but it would be fun to drive around in one together again.”


Photo courtesy of http://www.newsday.com/

From Melissa: “The thing I love most about my dad is how funny he is, whether he knows he’s being funny or not. Growing up I spent as much time as I could with my dad. This meant a lot of my time was spent in the garage organizing his tools into “families” and learning how to pump brakes and change oil. I was his shadow. Through spending my time with him I learned how to be generous and caring towards others and my work ethic. To this day my dad gives to others without a second thought. Without a doubt, all of his years of giving are why we are seeing it come back to us tenfold with him being sick. If I could give my dad any car, it would be a mint condition El Camino, his favorite car.”

asset (1)

Happy Father’s Day from the Tanin Auto Electronix family to yours!


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