Meet the Team- Melissa

Here are the ten things that you didn’t know about Melissa, the Operations Manager at Tanin Auto Electronix!modified

  1. Melissa is an excellent baker. She never recipe repeats but she has made chocolate lasagna many times due to special request. Preparing food always makes her happy but sharing it is her biggest joy.
  2. She hates horseback riding!
  3. Her dog Hank is the most snuggly pup ever, but only to Melissa. He is a jerk to everyone else,minus her dad 🙂IMG_3940
  4. Melissa has two tortoises named Clem and Little Foot. They eat baby food and shredded veggies and fruits.IMG_4192
  5. She loves a good road trip. The time she went to St. Pete’s  was one of her most special since it was the last vacation she got to take with her grandma.
  6. One of Melissa’s secret talents is that she can blow bubbles with her tongue.
  7. Her daily drive is named Jetson and he is her 2015 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited.
  8. Her best friend is Kristen. One of her best memories was when they were girls, they would stay up all night and do puzzles while changing the lyrics to their favorite songs. Melissa flew to California to help her move from there to North Dakota a couple years back.They made a road trip out of it and made new memories along the way. #JerseyMike
  9. She is known for her pranks on her co-workers. Her most used is when she jumps out from behind things at Jen, whose active imagination always guarantees a good scream. Though the most recent, where she hid under Jen’s desk and grabbed at her legs when she got in to work was her best work to date.
  10. In her freetime, one of her passions is trying new restaurants with her favorite Marine. Leon’s is at the top of their list. She loves the turtle sundaes!
Hank – aka Hanky Panky, aka Hanky Doodle, aka Buttface

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