The History of our Building- Part 3, the winter months


Back in the early 60’s Hendricks Motors ran their Volkswagen dealership on the corner of Hwy. 31 and 6 Mile Road in Racine, WI. Now the present day site of Tanin Auto Electronix. When they opened the dealership, the first of its kind in the area, it was sunny and warm.

Gerald Hendricks, the owner, insisted that there were rose bushes planted around the building and lovely green grass for customers to walk on as they made their way to the car lot to shop for their very own VW.

What Hendricks Motors got to look forward to in the winter months was snow, freezing temps and new cars being delivered to them covered in solid ice.

Only six Volkswagens could be delivered at a time so imagine the rush for the mechanics to unload them quickly and somehow get frozen doors open to drive them into the garage to defrost.

Good thing Germany makes tough vehicles!


A new delivery in need of some TLC and lots of defrosting time!
VW collectors should be going crazy over this photo!


Christmastime at Hendricks Motors was always festive!
One of the car salesmen going to inspect a new delivery
The snow piled up to the windows!

Here is a great shot that shows off the amazing floor to ceiling windows of the original building. From what the Hendricks family has told us, these were the largest windows in Wisconsin at the time! The windows have since been removed and replaced with brick for security reasons.

We love how this original storefront made for a truly one of kind showcase of the unique and sleek Volkswagen designs.


Photo editing and refinishing courtesy of Jeff Lange at



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