Meet the Team- Jordan

Meet Jordan, one of the Tanin Auto Electronix crew. In Jordan’s free time, he does many interesting things.

Jordan is a GoPro Enthusiast. He is really into technology, good food and finding lots of time to nap. He is a tall guy so he needs more rest than other people do, to build up his energy for the day. This allows him to be bright eyed and bushy tailed for his videos. All of that napping really promotes creative thinking.


Jordan also is a firm believer in choosing proper footwear. He always says, “if your feet aren’t supported well, how will you ever be able to climb a mountain?” 

We don’t really know what this means but we always just agree.


Jordan appreciates the finer things in life, like aromatic candles. If you ask him what his favorite scent is, he will tell you that it varies by season. He is fancy like that.


Jordan really loves taking naps. He utilizes the company calming room for quick mid day siestas where he usually dreams about making funny videos for Youtube and using his GoPro.



Jordan really loves using his GoPro camera. He sees himself as the next Spielberg, making adventure videos. Here is Jordan’s motto:



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