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Customer Service Department: Alex, Sarah, Crystal, Melissa. Technician Department: Luis, Josue. E-commerce Department: Cassie. Logistics Department: Celina. We here at Tanin Auto are more of a family than just a group of coworkers. Come be an extended family member and call us today for any of your repair or part needs.


Searching for Speedometer Repair, and located in San Diego, CA?

Tanin Auto Electronix is here to help! Located in Racine, WI, we are an international speedometer sales, repair, and component distribution company founded in 2011. We maintain the values of a small, family run business while we continue to grow on a global scale. From November 29th to December 4th, one of our dedicated technicians... Continue Reading →

2004 Pontiac Sunfire Instrument Cluster Repair

Here is a post for all of the Pontiac Sunfire drivers out there! Tanin Auto Electronix recently rebuilt this 2004 Pontiac Sunfire instrument cluster. This includes replacing all  back lighting bulbs and gauge motors, as well as performing all of the preventative repairs for the speedometer. The repair service can be found on our website... Continue Reading →

Volvo VNL Semi-Truck Instrument Cluster Repair

Tanin Auto Electronix recently worked on this Volvo Semi-truck gauge cluster. We fixed the customer's bad turn signals, repaired the back-lighting, and replaced the speaker in the gauge cluster. We can also repair Volvo clusters that have malfunctioning gauges, and we replace all gauge motors for customers in need of that repair service.   Click here... Continue Reading →

The Lexus SC430 Back-Lighting Repair

Tanin Auto Electronix can repair the SC430 Instrument Cluster when lighting fails. Our repair service restores the lighting to a super bright white, like a brand new cluster. This comes with a 5 year warranty. Learn more at this link: REPAIR SERVICE Lexus SC430 Speedometer Cluster Lighting   Tanin Auto Electronix specializes in auto electronic repairs... Continue Reading →

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